Sunday, February 24, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 54

Yesterday I was thankful for....

The opportunity to use one of my talents. I have always believed we are all given talents, and it is our responsible to use and improve them. You know, the parable of the talents. I used to be anxious because I knew I was reasonably good at dancing, but I didn't know what I could do to use it (other than dancing around the house to reduce stress)....let alone improve it. Mostly after I had children....I wondered how I could possibly dance, in any form, with a family?

Then in 2010 I met my second husband and he introduced me to freestyle partner dancing, modern jive and I discovered west coast swing from there.

Today I dropped the children off to spend the weekend with family while Michael and I were learning a dance routine to an acoustic cover of 'Somebody that I used to know' . I like routines because we have something to perform at church events, should we get the opportunity - to promote our dance style and to share our love for dancing.

It was a hard day. We learned 1 min 50 secs of choreography in 6 hours. My legs were sore, my feet was sore, my back was sore....and my brain was fried.

It was awesome!

Time to celebrate our second anniversary. We were exhausted, but jumped at the chance to be able to go out to dinner without the children. We ate yummy gourmet burgers in Broadbeach, and I tried to get all sentimental about our love and marriage - Michael wasn't having it. His definition of romance is 'being a dick' -quote. However, I am super grateful for his spontaneous gifts and creativity...loving my home made Valentines PJ's, my watermelon coloured phone and my gorgeous red leather uni laptop case, to name a few. This girl is taking what she can get, and loves her guy for who he is - so what if he is garbage at writing in cards, waxing lyrical about love and traditional romantic gestures? - I know he loves me.  

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