Thursday, February 7, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 37

Yesterday I was thankful for....

A new Goodlife gym at Nerang. This means I have a gym buddy in my fellow charity bread collector, Faith. I have never had a gym buddy before, a fact that I have moaned about quite often, so this is all rather exciting!

Finding the mojo to scrub my kitchen. I feel a house inspection coming on and also uni starts in a few weeks. Hopefully I can continue the flow and get all the edges and corners of my house super shiny. I might even fold the washing!

Helpful children. We collect the left over bread from the local bakery on behalf of our church once a week. The children usually are embarrassingly loud and have a tendency to fight amongst each other while they wait.

Yesterday I sent Ash into the shop to buy more garbage bags for the bread and when I came out they had already wheeled one of the bread filled trolleys out to the car. I met one of the stores 'trolley guys' as I was turning the corner, and he said "Are they your children around there?" I nodded. "They are very energetic!" Tell me about it....I returned to my car to find them climbing the fence to the trolley shed! But they were helpful, without complaining. Ash even told me he was tempted to use my card to buy a treat for himself as well as what I had asked him to purchase, but decided it wouldn't be such a good idea.

I love it when my children make good choices!!!

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