Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Holiday Goodness.....Super Fun 5000!

Ok...after the initial stress and anxiousness of that first day - our trip has been AMAZING!! The kids had a fun time with their father, with only one 'episode'...thank goodness, and Michael handled it so well....the ultimate boyfriend test. :)

During our trip so far....

I was able to be a tourist....

Oh how I love Salamanca Markets!!

catch up with old friends....

gorgeous Vanessa - miss you already!
Amber, Louella and Maddy - awwww your girls are the sweetest!! Had a great catch up and stayed to celebrate Bethany's birthday.
made new ones.....

with Michael nephews, Jai and Cameron, and some others we just met at the park - I love park! :)

and enjoyed awesome family time.....

The cousins - minus a few, will miss having extended family (with children) around....
Amelie and Jack with Jane - she couldn't wait to see her Aunty Tash - awwww :)

Jack and Elliot
Ash on the flying fox - did I mention I/we love park? :)

AND couple time (woohoo!)....

Uh huh, I am not letting go of this gorgeous man! ;)....taken when cruising down to Southport (super south Tasmania) enjoying the beautiful scenery...
 This has been the most relaxing, fantastic, fun holiday EVER!!! Seriously, I have never been so un-stressed, happy, comfortable....and so loved and in love (*cough* did I just say that?? - and no that doesn't mean we are engaged, in case you are wondering *wink*)

Currently spending time with Liz (sister in law) and her boys (pics pending)  - will miss them so much!


On to Melbourne tonight - with a town trip and Tim Burton - genius! -  exhibition planned for tomorrow, with Michael and the kids....Yay!! 


Just talked to Michael  - and he will watch the kids so I can go to a West Coast Swing class in Melbourne tomorrow night - be still my heart!! haha....double yay!! (he is squeezing in some modern jive action before he picks us up from the airport tonight - and yes dancing is the way to my heart - apparently - hehe)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Me??

So I am finally in Tassie....and I don’t want to be here....The roads and landmarks are all tainted with horrible memories that seep into everything I look at. 
The older two kids are with their father, and I honestly don’t know if its against my better judgement or not. (oh the awfully confusing grey areas of life!!) They are staying with a couple I don’t know and I only feel somewhat at ease because they have children too and I talked to the mum and I trust her....but I have only just met her, so what do I really know!?!  The kids were very excited to see their dad – which is great for them....Meanwhile my chest is tight, I can barely breathe and I feel one step away from a panic attack.  It’s going to be a long 24 hours.  I can only pray everything will be ok – but experience tells me that with HIM I can’t even pray for I will pray that most importantly the kids are safe, and happy spending time with their father.  I will TRY to stay calm – and remind myself that I do have a backup plan if things get complicated....*sigh* I HATE this....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pinup Gurl.....

I finally had an opportunity to go to the funky shop (which is fittingly called 'That Shop') in Burleigh, on the Gold Coast,  that mum had been telling me about. According to her, it was 'right up my alley'.....

She was right, I loved it.....and put a deposit down on this dress....

 My justification - I turn 30 at the end of the year, and I am going to celebrate working hard and looking good enough to wear it. ;) 

.....And I have been loving these pinup style dresses for ages....

Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 am.....

I have a feeling me and this time of morning are going to have a very deep and meaningful relationship over the next couple of years.

4 am - it's still dark and a little cold  - a time when I can study in peace with a fully functioning brain....ahhhh it is actually quite blissful! I get so much quality work done!

I am hopeless at nights (after 7pm to be precise....), I have no motivation, and my brain is basically fried from the kids intermittent screaming, silliness, and constant chatter ....though I love them dearly. :) I much prefer to go to bed at 9pm or earlier (if I am lucky) and get up at this magic hour, make a pot of herbal tea and get stuck into it.

After, if I am feeling super perky I will go for a treadmill run or deck workout and enjoy the sunrise from our awesome view. 

All before 6.30am. (I only do crazy early 3 times a week - though more when I have assignments or exams)

Thank goodness I am a morning person!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's Inspiring Me At The Moment.....

The Clean and Lean Diet.....

Its brilliant - Its not a book I would have picked up on my own. I owe it all to Mum and her massive 'mind body soul' book addiction. (Her collection is seriously huge!) After hearing her dropping random tidbits of info from her reading and changing her exercise plan I got a little curious.

Exercise wise it promotes leanness - not excess muscle, and  no slogging it out at the gym or on the treadmill....but regular (3 times a week) light weight sessions super easy to do at home. Coupled with whatever exercise you like to do, that doesn't stress your body out (I am cutting back my running) and a bit of yoga. The sessions definitely get your heart rate up and feel so good (you will look HOT! - I promise) and are in four stages (with the first one being weight free), so you can work your way up. I am doing the second at the moment - and have been for about a month (?) I haven't been doing them as regular as I want, but I am getting there.

The 'diet' (not really a diet, but a way of eating all the time) - cutting out Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol and Processed foods....C.R.A.P :) with an emphasis on organic food, antioxidants, and good fats. It makes sense and is rather hard, but your body will love you for it!! (Note: sugar is soooooo baaaad!) Bizarrely, but maybe not so bizarrely, it points out how important it is to chew you food completely - as that is how you get your nutrients and you will notice the difference, especially in your stomach. I eat so fast normally, and I have to keep reminded myself to focus and slow down.

Anyway, Its super brilliant and I just wanted to share it with everyone!!! Check out this link talks about the book and has a clip of James Duigan showing the right technique for some awesome fat burning/toning exercises (squats, push ups, lunges etc).

Check.It.Out if you want to look good, have loads of energy, be really healthy and feel great!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Father The Hero.....

I am really loving Father's Day this year - I am exploding with big love and appreciation for my Dad's awesome-ness.

My working, surfing, movie watching, mowing in his speedos, creative cooking, Bridge to Brisbane running, big sook, pistachio eating Dad.
Back in the day  - me (holy cheeks!) and my Dad before my Formal

He's been by my side through all the good bits and the hard bits - he doesn't tell me what to do (mostly...*wink*) and lets me live my life and make my own decisions, wrecks and all. 

He is also a super G'dad to the kids, and even more so because their Dad isn't around. He takes them to the beach, up to O'Reileys, to the movies at least once every school holidays, last night he took them to Riverfire on his own.

He really is my Hero. Love you Dad.

PS. Making yummy pancakes for breakfast (Dad styles - with beaten egg whites), and looking forward to Dad's Choice dinner - smoky BBQ ribs and sticky date pudding....oh yeah! :)