Monday, November 28, 2011

A Most Excellent Gift.....

Its my birthday in just over a week and, at my request, my amazing husband (seriously, he is awesome, I could go on ;) bought me a sewing machine. :)

Considering I can't patch a hole, fix a hem, darn a sock, and can barely sew on a button (Oh, the shame!  You can imagine how scruffy my children look sometimes :/) Add the double shame of having a dress-making Babushka....

love her to pieces!! xx

 I thought it was about time I learnt some skills myself. I did learn sewing in Year 9 - I loved it, but never had the chance motivation or the patience (or a patient enough mother....kidding...mostly ;) to continue with it.

I was spoiled growing up - having almost all of my clothes made for me up until the age of 17. When I was younger it felt kinda daggy and uncool, but when I became a teenager I realised that all I had to do was describe the style of the item I wanted and Babushka would sketch it and make it for me (I wish now that I had slightly more style back then!). She stopped sewing as much because mass produced clothing, of not so bad quality, became so much cheaper than the cost of making clothes. Which was a far point, and I was left to buy clothes off the rack....ugh :) Clothes shopping was depressing because I had so much trouble finding clothes to fit, being tall they were too short and packin' a sizable booty for my frame they were often too tight.

Over the last couple of years I have become sick to death of the struggle of trying to find clothes that look half decent that aren't ridiculously expensive. Even when you know the styles that look good on you the transient fashions makes them hard to find all the time...but I do have to say, I am super grateful for stretch fabric!!

So Anyway - I wanted to learn to sew in order to patch clothes and make costumes for my children, sew dolls clothes for Amelie, and 'alter' clothes for me. More specifically, due to my recent love for recycled clothing, I want to buy OP shop clothes and alter, remake, or add to them. Super exciting!!....Oh yeah, and whatever Michael wants me to do for him! :)

But, I guess I better learn to sew first, huh?

My new toy!

Lesson one - winding bobbins - successful!!

Close up! - not over excited at all!

Bought some remnants from Spotlight to get my practice on!