Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Birthday Day......

I had a fabulous, crazy, action packed day!! It.Was.Awesome!!

I got my iPod speakers from mum and dad, and a camera from Michael....and a slow cooker recipe book from the kids - everything I wanted, so I was a super happy camper. Luckily my birthday fell on a daycare day and the kids still had a school so I got to have a free day! Michael took the day off for me, and it was whatever I want day - which consisted of a few hours at Movieworld (he had just bought me a VIP pass), and them a movie.....

Oh yes....I ate soooo much popcorn....hahaha :)

We also got the chace to look at a house we were interested in.....but then, straight back home, pick the kids up from daycare, make dinner - all the fun night in bed, and then off to dancing! I had some great dances!....We went to Three Monkeys after and had iced chocs and sticky date pudding, they put a sparkler on it for me and Michael sang me Happy Birthday....loved it!!

I was exhausted the next day though, had the chance to go knee boarding again with Jack, and I was too tired, only had the energy to go out once, and fell asleep on the tube while Jack went out with the boys!

The next Saturday was party time, and I finally got to wear my dress....last minute prepping as usual, decorations etc, parties kind of freak me out! I am a very grudging host....would much prefer to host someone else's night! My hair was a bit blegh....and I had to wear glasses because for some reason my contacts were irritating my eyes, which sucked a little but its all good. It was sooo good to catch up with some people that I hadn't seen in a while, and so fun to dress up. I would like to have a regular open invite "girls night in" - heels and dresses is mandatory! :)

Anyway so that was my awesome birthday....I am now 30 *sigh* I am a little old......mind you I am almost the fittest I have been in my whole life (last year was better) - so that is pretty cool....There is something about getting older - you feel more comfortable with yourself, your personal style is more developed, and you just feel more sexy....maybe that just lasts for early thirties, maybe when I am 35 I will start freaking out about "oldness". Mind you I still feel 19....but isn't that what they all say??

Post Wild West (hence the awesome hair!) and  Pre-Scooby Doo favourite!

Dancing, dancing, dancing....oh yeah! :)

About to cook up a storm

cute party favours I found for my girls

PS. Michael - you are right and I completely forgot about that - Prep Christmas party! Went straight from picking the kids up from daycare back to the school. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Heart.....

....Funky Costume Jewellery!!

I don't have a lot - a bit from Diva (funky but terribly cheap and mass produced), although I am plotting a way to change that :) ....and last night I found this awesome site

I want it all!! Hahaha.....But mostly these gorgeous items:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's That Time Again....

My birthday is in three days (Yay!!).....and there is no way I am going into year 30 with hair like this!!

Went for an emergency cut a few weeks ago, not to my normal hairdresser thanks to no license, and I am not clued in enough to not get a junior chick to cut my hair!....I felt bad, ok, I wanted to give her some practice - and her haircut would have been fine if I didn't want anything more exciting than a slightly layered bob....anyway, my fault.....but now I have an appointment with a funky hairdresser on the coast, courtesy of mum (her hair is HOT!)

and I can't decide between this

and this......

I love them both (isn't that a song??) - I like the length at the top and the longer on one side thing of the first one, and the second one is exactly what I have been working towards style-wise these last six months - funky with a whole lot of class....but I still can't appointment is on Tuesday....

Help me!!! :)

PS Having style issues because I just don't want to be blowing my hair every single day for it to look decent, which is what I am doing now....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Am Legal Again.....

And yes the photo is terrible, I swear its their cameras!

Much thanks to Michael for his kindness in driving me around so I could still do 'fun things' ie dance.....he made it so easy to handle - I feel very spoilt! 

Mind you I have used almost a tank of petrol since Thursday!! - In my defense it is coming up to Christmas (lots to do!) and I was house/school/daycare hunting.

My Ikea Idealism.....

So, I was strolling through Ikea today...(a super cool place because the kids LOVE going there to play as much as I like going there to look) and as usual I was having intense "house fantasies" - imagining how I would have all the rooms in my house decorated.

To me the whole Ikea thing is so 'ideal', every item in its place and colour co-ordinated, even down to the families shopping there - Mums and Dads w/kids, pregnant couples......for a second I had a *sob* moment - me cruising through, fantasizing because I can hardly afford anything there, longing for the 'ideal' in my life.....a complete family, shopping to co-ordinate our world together......then I had a mini epiphany, our/my life isn't 'ideal, and our house is probably going to be filled with mismatched furniture - I then mentally slapped myself, and thought I had better suck up the sooky thoughts about not being married, because I know from experience that it does not solve everything nor does it make my life complete....and I am by far not the only one!.....And you know what, I get to decorate my house however I want, so there! ;)

This is where my decision comes in - I decided that I don't need any of that 'stuff' thanks Ikea, I will embrace the lack of funds, and being a single mum, and celebrate the beginning of my 2nd effort of living 'alone' (as the only decision making adult on the premises) - by choosing to go '2nd hand' in all the stuff that I purchase for our new house. I bet I could find some really awesome stuff!

So if you know of any good Op shops in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast let me know.....and I will be doing some serious garage sailing!

Friday, December 3, 2010

I Wonder What They'd Pay..... see my heart on display...."