Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's That Time Again....

My birthday is in three days (Yay!!).....and there is no way I am going into year 30 with hair like this!!

Went for an emergency cut a few weeks ago, not to my normal hairdresser thanks to no license, and I am not clued in enough to not get a junior chick to cut my hair!....I felt bad, ok, I wanted to give her some practice - and her haircut would have been fine if I didn't want anything more exciting than a slightly layered bob....anyway, my fault.....but now I have an appointment with a funky hairdresser on the coast, courtesy of mum (her hair is HOT!)

and I can't decide between this

and this......

I love them both (isn't that a song??) - I like the length at the top and the longer on one side thing of the first one, and the second one is exactly what I have been working towards style-wise these last six months - funky with a whole lot of class....but I still can't appointment is on Tuesday....

Help me!!! :)

PS Having style issues because I just don't want to be blowing my hair every single day for it to look decent, which is what I am doing now....


  1. Well since I'm such a guru...... I like the hair in the first picture. Looks like a whole lot of effort to do it properly every day tho?
    Enjoying your blog!

  2. yes I like first one but agree that I think it would be a lot of product to make it sit like that. so maybe the second one would be easier... - Bobbie

  3. The first picture is my favorite but I also like the second one. I love short hair. Sorry if I wasnt any help :/

  4. Hum... either of these are going to require the blow dryer, aren't they?
    When I was in Qld. (100 years ago) I had to wash my hair every day, because I just couldn't adjust to the heat and got disgusting and sweaty, but I don't think the hairdryer was part of my coping strategy...

    Take the advice of the hairdresser about what will work best for your hair. Everyone's hair grows differently...

    However you decide to cut your hair, you'll always look funky with a whole lot of class!

  5. first one hands down. dry your hair upside down on full blast. bit of hair spray and wax for shaping and all done in 5 minutes. messy=easy
    trust me!
    short hair expert!!!