Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Ikea Idealism.....

So, I was strolling through Ikea today...(a super cool place because the kids LOVE going there to play as much as I like going there to look) and as usual I was having intense "house fantasies" - imagining how I would have all the rooms in my house decorated.

To me the whole Ikea thing is so 'ideal', every item in its place and colour co-ordinated, even down to the families shopping there - Mums and Dads w/kids, pregnant couples......for a second I had a *sob* moment - me cruising through, fantasizing because I can hardly afford anything there, longing for the 'ideal' in my life.....a complete family, shopping to co-ordinate our world together......then I had a mini epiphany, our/my life isn't 'ideal, and our house is probably going to be filled with mismatched furniture - I then mentally slapped myself, and thought I had better suck up the sooky thoughts about not being married, because I know from experience that it does not solve everything nor does it make my life complete....and I am by far not the only one!.....And you know what, I get to decorate my house however I want, so there! ;)

This is where my decision comes in - I decided that I don't need any of that 'stuff' thanks Ikea, I will embrace the lack of funds, and being a single mum, and celebrate the beginning of my 2nd effort of living 'alone' (as the only decision making adult on the premises) - by choosing to go '2nd hand' in all the stuff that I purchase for our new house. I bet I could find some really awesome stuff!

So if you know of any good Op shops in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast let me know.....and I will be doing some serious garage sailing!


  1. you know I've read some very interesting things that have made me think about this exact thing lately. but PS I LOVE IKEA. just walking around there makes me sooo happy. I almost want to move into a european apartment!

    Over at soulemama her son was lamenting that he has no cool clothes. (she sews and knits alot of what they wear and then they buy second hand or from ethically approved shops) he ended up going to her studio and sewing himself a pair of reversible cuff shorts!! (hes like 10 or 11!)

    but she explained why they dont want to contribute to a throw away society. There is soooo much being thrown into landfill, there are places in china etc that have toxic stuff oozing around because these people make clothes and furntiture, which we will only use for a while and then get more. (I heard from my mum that there is enough second hand clothes in storage in Australia to clothe the whole country!!)

    So she said they only buy second hand and repurpose things because they dont want to contribute to these problems. It really made me think. And even though I love cheap clothes and new stuff from the shops.. shes right. sadly :)

    so I think you will do well with repurposed second hand furniture. I wanna see your funky stuff!!

    - Bobbie

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