Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just a Little Random.....

As I mopped the floor today and made a half hearted attempt to pick up my daughters room - I fantasied about having a super organised house. A place for everything, and a schedule that I actually stuck to.....

The more I thought about that, however, the more I concluded that it was completely unachievable  for me. Not in the sense that it was impossible, but more that it just wasn't me. The older I get, and the more I get to know myself, I am noticing how utterly random I am. Maybe it's the Sagittarion in me, although my mother would suggest a more complex planetary combination - perhaps I should have another look at my birth chart?

Sometimes I find my distractibility hits 'puppy dog' level...(which may suggest why I only seem to have success studying in the darkness of the early morning or in front of a computer in the Learning Centres at school!)... and although it quite often presents a challenge to actually getting anything done - I would not have baked three pies over the weekend and determined my opinion on pastry, (after dabbling in flaky rich butter pastry - I would just go with the standard egg yolk method - the calories just aren't worth it! - Oh yeah, and coconut banana cream pie is divine- and has the least sugar of all my creations!)and managed to do quite awesomely in my Company Accounting exam. 

But back to my randomness - I am actually pretty ok with it. My life has a plan - and I almost always achieve what I set my mind to (Michael would translate that to - "I always get what I want"....but that is mostly because he loves me) often it may take a little longer, but I am enjoying the adventure and learning a lot.

I want my life full of  'smelling flowers''s to randomness and enjoying it!