Friday, June 10, 2011

On The List.....

We have a thing going in our family....I am not sure when it started; maybe Tassie, maybe when we were at Mum and Dads, or maybe a variation from when we were kids....But regardless, it definitely stemmed from fussy eating children and me, despite the many dishes I cooked, struggling to find something they all liked.

Whenever I make something that the majority (and on the rare occasion everyone) likes, one of us will call out "On...The....List!!!"  - approving the said dish as a permanent menu item.

The other night at dinner we discussed and wrote down, all the dishes, that we could remember,were on the 'list', as we had never previously kept any kind of record.

We only came up with 11 dishes....:( Now I am sure in all my years (9) of cooking dinners (granted, not all of them have been quality) surely I have successfully produced more than 11 dishes worthy of a permanent place on the menu!....hmmmm

I wonder if I could bring the total up to 25 by the end of the year??

What's on your list? 

The latest addition to 'the list' - Tortilla Pie, made with kangaroo mince and topped with thick natural yoghurt - which I use as a replacement for sour cream in all my recipes. This dinner was all the more awesome cause I used leftover taco mince from the freezer! It was super easy and super tasty!.....And yes, my food photography needs a lot of work, as well as my plating up skills! - its called rustic...aiiiight! ;)