Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Father The Hero.....

I am really loving Father's Day this year - I am exploding with big love and appreciation for my Dad's awesome-ness.

My working, surfing, movie watching, mowing in his speedos, creative cooking, Bridge to Brisbane running, big sook, pistachio eating Dad.
Back in the day  - me (holy cheeks!) and my Dad before my Formal

He's been by my side through all the good bits and the hard bits - he doesn't tell me what to do (mostly...*wink*) and lets me live my life and make my own decisions, wrecks and all. 

He is also a super G'dad to the kids, and even more so because their Dad isn't around. He takes them to the beach, up to O'Reileys, to the movies at least once every school holidays, last night he took them to Riverfire on his own.

He really is my Hero. Love you Dad.

PS. Making yummy pancakes for breakfast (Dad styles - with beaten egg whites), and looking forward to Dad's Choice dinner - smoky BBQ ribs and sticky date pudding....oh yeah! :)


  1. ooh so sweeet. what a nice dad. Plus I love your cheeks comment.. I laught at photos of me too when I was young.. and think.. I HAD CHEEKS!! where have they gone?

  2. Your dad is awesome, we think of him (and chuckle about him) often....Love your mum too!