Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 am.....

I have a feeling me and this time of morning are going to have a very deep and meaningful relationship over the next couple of years.

4 am - it's still dark and a little cold  - a time when I can study in peace with a fully functioning brain....ahhhh it is actually quite blissful! I get so much quality work done!

I am hopeless at nights (after 7pm to be precise....), I have no motivation, and my brain is basically fried from the kids intermittent screaming, silliness, and constant chatter ....though I love them dearly. :) I much prefer to go to bed at 9pm or earlier (if I am lucky) and get up at this magic hour, make a pot of herbal tea and get stuck into it.

After, if I am feeling super perky I will go for a treadmill run or deck workout and enjoy the sunrise from our awesome view. 

All before 6.30am. (I only do crazy early 3 times a week - though more when I have assignments or exams)

Thank goodness I am a morning person!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow- that is CRAZY- but I like it! And I wish my body was made that way so I could feel alive in the mornings too...there is something magical about being awake for the sunrise- good for you!