Tuesday, February 12, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 42

Yesterday I was thankful for....

The endorphins that come from exercise. I was having an angry day. I was eager to drop the kids off at school to get them away from my poison atmosphere. My friend couldn't come to the gym with me, unfortunately, because I really needed the motivation myself to go. Regardless I decided to do some weights....1:41mins later, including stair climb and a 20 min run....I felt loads better.

Lessons in the kitchen. I am thankful for the silver lining that comes from failure. I decided to make a Pineapple Upside Down Cake yesterday to take to the Lawton family 'family home evening'. I have always been interested in attempting one before, and since I didn't need to buy any extra ingredients (a plus due to it being the end of the pay period) then, was as good a time as any to try.
No one told me how ridiculously hard it is to melt brown sugar and butter together!!
I have learned that a little bit of boiling water makes all the difference to  seized melted sugar. Aside from that little drama - the cake turned out alright. If there was an attempt two, I would put less sugar in the actual cake, not cook the cake in a spring form pan - the toffee leaks out everywhere!, and not drizzle the leaked out toffee on top of the cake...once I had started I knew it was a bad idea but by then I couldn't stop.

An awesome In-Law family. Once a month, usually, we have a Lawton Family Home Evening with my husband's family. This is a pot luck event with everyone bringing a main and a dessert to share and we eat and spend some quality time together. I am always a little nervous, and a lot awkwardly shy when I get there, but when I leave I have had such a good time and am elated to be part of such an awesome family...Love them a whole lot!

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