Tuesday, February 19, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 49

Yesterday I was thankful for.....

Group workout classes. From the moment I got up I felt sluggish.Going through the motions seemed the only way the kids were getting to school, let alone anything else getting done.  I had planned some gym action - a treadmill run, maybe some weights - instead I aimlessly wondered the gym floor like a fool, changing my mind on every piece of equipment I got to. Thankfully I noticed that Body Attack was on - yay! - meaning, I would be forced to do a workout, it would be hard and I wouldn't be temped quit halfway through....

Yeah, about my fitness exclamations two days before - they were premature and unfounded.....Attack smashed me!! On the plus side, plenty or room to progress!

My mother the Naturapath. Or witch doctor as my husband likes to call her. I am super grateful for her knowledge as well as the fact that she works at a health food store and I get a significant discount on my supplements.
This is a point of contention between my husband and I. He believes I don't need anything and any issues I have are all in my head - affectionately of course! Aside from a crap case of psycho PMT once a month and stomach aches, I struggle with my moods and random depression - probably residual damage from seven years of heavy marijuana use and intense stress...ugh.....drugs are bad, mkay?

Family Home Evening. We did it! I was sick of stressing about trying to do a lesson and just decided to have it anyway - it will improve with time. I decided to focus on something I believed that our family needed to work on - Prayer. We have family prayer in the morning and pray over dinner at night, but our personal prayers are significantly lacking.
I talked to them over dinner about the importance of building a relationship with Heavenly Father and how a habit of prayer is a benefit to our lives. I decided to stick with the topic of 'prayer' for a month for FHE lessons, I like the idea of a monthly focus like they have in Primary at church.
Our dessert was chocolate muffins with Nutella centres and our activity was watching the latest episode of "Once Upon A Time' together. It is a favourite show for us to watch as a family. I love the moral dilemmas that the characters have, and think they are a great teaching tool for the children. I get so excited at the developments in the story that I squeal, pause it to make exclamations and squeeze my sons hand....love it!

Going to bed with a clean kitchen. It doesn't always happen - I am so exhausted at night.

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