Wednesday, February 13, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 43

Yesterday I was thankful for....

Opportunities to step outside my comfort zone. I did a Sh'Bam class. Dance looks something like THIS. I felt ridiculous and awkward, although 12 year old me would have loved it! I would go back again - cause I really need to learn how to relax and dance in front of other people....

Getting to birthday shop for Ash. I was anxious because of course I had left it until the last minute, so I was really hoping I would be able to find some things that he liked. Shopping for my almost 10 year old first born son was an emotional experience. I was getting teary all over the place...he is getting so big and he is such a good boy and I remember when he was just a little baby....awww...*tear*

I love other people's (in my family) birthdays. It is a chance for me to spoil them and it makes me so happy and so filled with love trying to think of things that they will like. I love making their favourite dinner and baking their favourite cake. I am also attempting to make 'birthday week' a tradition in our family, my husband hasn't quite caught on. I just love the idea of a week leading up to your birthday getting special privileges - riding 'shotgun' for the week, getting an extra movie on movie night, randomly staying up a little later to hang out with me....etc....Birthday's are so fleeting, I like the extended version.

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