Monday, February 11, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 41

Yesterday I was thankful for....

Being a Primary teacher. Every week there is a reason to be thankful for my teaching calling. This week I am grateful because I teach the same lesson as my two older children receive, so I know exactly what they are learning about. In the car on the way home from church, when we do "what did you learn about today?" I can ask all the right questions to make sure they understand the principle and add more information they may have missed out on.

Finally getting it together and doing some visiting teaching. It hasn't been happening, as much as I want it to. I think about my visiting teaching sisters almost daily. My companion and I had never met and although she is in my ward, obviously, and we made Facebook contact I was still to shy to go and say hi....seriously, I have a problem!
This week we finally got it together, she works all week so we decided to meet with our sisters after church. We met with our first this week (we have 3), she was really grateful just to have her visiting teachers seek her out, apparently it had been awhile.
Again I was awkward, the message I had to share was hesitant and stilted. My companion seemed to know her better and they chatted very easily. I was a little envious - why do I find it so hard to talk to people?
But it was a start, and we did it. The message we had to share was on the importance of building friendships with new converts to help support them in their conversion. To me the message was for all of us, that is why visiting teaching is important. We need to take care and look out for the sisters in our ward. People need people, to feel they are loved and valued, especially when they are struggling.
It was hard stepping out of my comfort zone, I am very grateful I did.

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