Wednesday, February 6, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 36

Yesterday I was thankful for.....

Combat. I spent at least 5 years being quite significantly angry with no decent outlet other than locking myself in the bathroom with my head phones and cranking Korn or My Chemical Romance - a very Emo period for me. I will be grateful for every day I get to air punch/kick out my frustrations. It keeps me sane!

Something to look forward to. Date night.

Cheap pizzas and video night and a TV in our room. We put a movie on for the kids and gave them some pizza on a pizza box - no washing up - and shut ourselves in our room to watch two episodes of 'Elementary' was wonderful! (We did get a movie to watch after the kids went to bed but it wasn't that good and I fell asleep on my husband....which apparently he loves, so its all good.)

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