Saturday, February 2, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 32

Yesterday I was grateful for.....

Leather seats in Michael's car. I bought the kids a chocolate milk Friday treat (I am often a stingy mum when it comes to treats) and as they were doing a 'cheers to the first week of school' Amelie knocked Ash's bottle too hard and his milk went everywhere. What could have been terrible to clean up was relatively easy solved with a damp towel. When my bomb of a car finally dies, my new one will have leather seats as well!

A TV for our bedroom. I was against the idea for ages. I didn't want to get in the habit of laying in bed watching TV at night and falling asleep in front of it. It has proved, however, very awesome for me. Especially on the nights Michael is out late dancing. I get to plug in my hard drive and watch my favourite shows in comfort.....Our couch is ridiculously uncomfortable.....seriously.

My funky happy t-shirt and my helpful little guy. Yesterday was plain awful (you can say that again). Jack was tired and refused to go to class when we got to school. I was tired and didn't have the patience to successfully, and kindly, handle his random stubbornness (he normally goes to class so easily but we were a little late and he was nervous). I was upset and losing it, as soon as I walked out the door I burst into tears. I hated being mad at him, and I hated that I was so intolerant.

I wanted to distract myself. Going to the movies sounded great but I talked myself out of it since I am trying to save money and not eat a huge bucket of popcorn. Instead I went to the op shop and bought a funky $6 happy yellow top....

...and wrote my day off reading and sleeping and eating my own stove top popcorn. I was quite significantly depressed for no real motivation, lethargic, and all of that. I managed to make dinner....just.

After dinner Jack decided to clean his room, he knew that I had been upset with him in the morning and that I was still feeling crappy (as much as I try to, I am not one of the those mums that can hide her emotions from her kids). He apologised and said he wanted to 'make me happy'. He cleaned everything up and made his bed nicely before he got in it. It was so lovely of him, and I got all heart melty. I didn't even mind getting up at 11pm to change his wet bed!

Tomorrow being a new day. Thank goodness for that!

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