Monday, February 4, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 34

Yesterday I was thankful for.....

The opportunity to fast. Our church has fast Sunday once a month. We fast for two meals, or 24 hours - I have not quite managed that long. I usually miss two meals on Sunday and eat at about 5pm...Anyway, more information on how and why we fast here. 

I have to admit I find it hard - probably because it is not something I have been consistently doing for my adult life, and also, I just really like to eat. Getting the children ready for church yesterday was excruciating! Made a little more difficult by the fact that I was hungry (and possibly hormonal) - I felt like I couldn't do it. I wasn't coping and I wanted to eat!! I had a good cry on Michael, said a bunch of silent babbling prayers, and got myself together. I couldn't bail - my lesson to my 10 year olds was on "When we are obedient and do our part, Heavenly Father would helps us."! I knew this to be true, I just had to exercise the faith to do it. 

My day ended up being really fabulous, my lesson went well and I got a lot of spiritual nourishment, and a little bit more conviction, from my Sunday meeting. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to fast, to sacrifice my physical nourishment for a day bring me closer to my Father in Heaven, receive the blessing from obedience and to donate of my substance to those that are in need of help. 

This video clip.

and Master Chef. Love that show!!! 

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