Friday, February 1, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 31

Yesterday I was thankful for.....

A great night of dancing. The last couple of times were a bit off. I felt like I had lost my mojo and confidence on the dance floor. It was extremely nice to come home on a high after quite a few memorable dances!

Michael the Babysitter. He watches a friends of mine's son, along with our kids, so she can come dancing with me. He has a soft spot for the challenges of 'single mum-dom' when it comes to fun.

Car Chats. Loved having a companion to ride with me up to Brisbane. Its a 45min drive and can be tiresome and dangerous, especially coming home late.  I don't get much 'real conversation' with females - this is almost the best 1.5hours of my week!

Yesterday's gratitude was all things dancing related!

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