Saturday, February 23, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 53

Yesterday I was thankful for*....

Being able to enjoy my last official day of holidays. I went to the gym, I tidied my house, I watched 3 episodes of 'The Mentalist', I made macaroni cheese (I decided I need to change my recipe, using just white sauce tastes a little too greasy), made brownies, watched my son lick the bowl, had an awesome visit and from a good, not often seen, friend, and had quality time with my husband.

Getting some sense of organisation to the house. It's a small thing, but my washing has been folded daily for the better part of the week (Wow!!). I have enforced a weekly cleaning regime for the kids and their rooms and playroom has been tidy for most of the week. The house looks good, and I feel prepared for the new semester of study.

*My gratitude is most often not going to be earth shattering or probably terribly interesting, but its genuine. I like that I am becoming able to find gratitude in the every day, seemingly mundane, routine of life.

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