Friday, February 22, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: day 52

Yesterday I was thankful for....

Time apart from my husband. He doesn't go away often for work and he was only away for one night, but I missed him. I truly think absence does make the heart grow fonder. I love having the space to think about my love for him and the place he has in my life (in case you are wondering, I don't just sit around and moon over him but these are thoughts that run through the back of my mind while I am enjoying my time alone), and being excited to see him when he comes home. I guarantee he doesn't think about me as much, although he did say this time he did because of a movie he was watching about a single mother and her controlling second husband. He said it made him want, even more, to give me a good life and happiness.

A productive afternoon. Some days things run relatively smoothly after school - moments I love to savour. Ash had soccer straight after school so I took the others to the library and grocery store, where the security guard told me off  (in Amelie's ear shot) for her not wearing shoes - hilarious for me, because I am always telling her to keep her shoes on...hopefully she will listen. 

At home the kids did their homework and put their clean clothes away without complaint so I was able to prepare dinner in peace. Fabulous.

However, It went a little down hill at dinner, because I felt sick and wasn't there cracking the whip over them to eat....but we won't go there!

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