Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Detox....

After a not so good sleep last night, retiring late and waking up with the sun/heat (definitely back in Queensland) I went for a run - I wasn't going to but Michael expressed his surprise that I hadn't yet, so I did.

It was a rubbish run. I felt heavy, and weary  - it was hard. I was depressed and felt like I wanted to vomit. Not physically, more of an emotional purge that only a good cry can do, but I couldn't do that either. I felt so icky I had to turn off my iPod, the music was driving me mental.

So as I was running/struggling and thinking the idea can into my head that maybe my body was rather toxic. Even though I had been running a bit over the holiday period I hadn't been kind with the food that I was eating. You know, sugar is poison (sooo much chocolate!) and all of that. Plus my face is evidence, I am like a hormonal teenager, with big sore pimples on my chin and lower cheeks. At that moment the thought of eating anything made me feel sick.

So I compiled a two week New Year Detox for myself, which I have started today:

1. Cut anything that doesn't grow from your diet
 No meat
No dairy
No eggs
No sugar
No caffeine 
No alcohol 
(I don't drink but if you do, this would be useful, same for the caffeine)

Protein will include nuts, seeds and legumes and Carbohydrates from legumes, oats, brown rice, quinoa and sweet potato. Fats from nuts and olive oil, and coconut milk/cream (not dairy). Yes to veges and fruit.
Lunch was sweet potato and mixed salad (spinach leaves, tomato, capsicum, cucumber) with mixed toasted seeds and dressed with virgin olive oil, balsamic and ground chilli.
Dinner tonight is red lentil and vegetable dahl with brown rice.
Breakfast tomorrow (I felt too yuck to eat it today) will be porridge with mixed berries and nuts or mushrooms. (thinking to experiment with coconut milk)
snacks: dried apricots & mixed raw nuts, cut up carrot and celery (maybe with some organic peanut butter), a banana

2. Drink 2 litres of water a day - especially in this heat.

3. Do some kind of exercise every day
I run/gym class about 4 times a week anyway but will add walking on the other days. For me this detox isn't a time for me to be hardcore workout girl, its main aim is to get my body feeling good and any other workout goals I have for the new year I will start after this.

4. Do not weigh yourself
I hardly weigh myself anyway because I refuse to get depressed over a number, but this one is for my husband - he weighs himself every day. Weight loss should be inevitable, so do it at the end.

5. 15 minutes each day to de-clutter the house 
I don't mean regular cleaning, but time to get rid of junk. This detox is mostly, but not just, about my body.

6. Take a break from blow drying.and/or straightening your hair 
It may require some more up do's (which are great in the summer here anyway) and its only for two weeks. Treat yourself to a hair treatment - salon or home

7. Rejuvenate your body 
Get back into the habit of using a body scrub once a week and a face scrub and mask once a week. Take your nail polish off and pay attention to your feet. 

8. Take time every day to notice things that you love about yourself and write them down

9. Don't spend money on anything except food and necessary petrol.
To reset your spending habits after Christmas and the sales.

So if all goes well - at the end you/I should feel and look better and be pumped to continue on with the other goals for the year. 

Cause, you know, nothing is impossible!

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