Monday, January 7, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 7

Today I am grateful for.....

Play dates, refreshing deep discussion and the opportunity to share a few of my beliefs.

Being in a position to "pay it forward".

Having quite a few detox friendly dinners in the freezer (3 varieties - red lentil dahl, kidney bean chilli, pumpkin vege and lentil soup....what I lack in variety I have made up for in quantity!

Surviving Day 5 of my New Year Detox with minimum food fantasies - my dancing pants are a little looser!

The opportunity to go dancing tonight - I was exhausted and left early, but I had some great dances.

A super helping husband who had the nightly chores all done when I got home - even the dishes were put away as well as washed!!!

A husband who works hard to support us.

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