Monday, January 21, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 21

Today I am grateful for.....

Absence. I am a big sap. Occasionally Michael goes away for work, it is not for long, but I still miss him like crazy. Funnily enough, he can drive me totally nuts when he is here, with the way that he teases me and loves to get me all wound up.

 I would love for him to walk in the door now and tell me the salad I made him for lunch was crap - I would smile and tell him at least he was healthy, and that his body thanks me. Then I would give him a big smooch.....*cough*


The last week of the holidays.....and milking it for every last drop. The only time we left the house today was to go to the supermarket. It rained and the kids jumped on the trampoline in their swimmers, they lego-ed, Amelie dragged her feet cleaning her room but sang a lot on her imaginary microphone to her music (ugh - its such an effort...and still not done!),I finished a novel, googled some recipes, played the Wii with Ash, exercised, and yeah, did some really, really light cleaning. 

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