Friday, January 18, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 18

Today I am grateful for......

Time at the pool with our neighbour and her gorgeous little girl. We have lived next door to each other for two years now and it has only been the last few months that we've moved beyond mere pleasantries. Mind you, my kids have been having conversations with her and her daughter ever since we moved - they are far more comfortable meeting new people than I am!!

An afternoon sleep, AND a tiny pre-pool morning nap. Dancing last night and Combat early this morning - 5 hours sleep does NOT look good on me.

A new episode of 'Suits' to watch with my sweetheart. Plenty of ethical grey areas to make me question why on earth I am studying law, with just enough moral resolution to keep my watching. I love sharing my favourite TV shows with my husband - he is not quite as excited about them as I am, but I think he secretly gets into the stories and characters!

Making the choice not to be lazy and order pizza for dinner. My family's bodies will love me for it.

Having my handsome little man fall asleep on me and getting to carry him to bed. I love that little guy, almost 6 and he still feels like my baby. I clearly need more babies - darling, pleeeease?! *sigh* or at least have the grandchildren over more often.

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