Friday, January 25, 2013

365 Days of Gratitude: Day 24

Yesterday I was grateful for.....

My cute little reminder of the awesomeness of parenthood. It was another hard day on the parenting front. My two youngest are fighting a lot lately and Ash had a friend over, which always seems to disrupt the children's playing dynamic - does that happen to anyone else? The friends want to be alone, the left over children wail that they haven't had any friends over for ages, and the annoying of each other begins....

Well Anyway - my day was going like that, I am sure the heat wasn't helping, and the fact that I hadn't taken them out of the house for more than a quick grocery/video stop in two days. So I decided on the local pool, for my sanity more than anything. 

The three older children were occupied on a long blow up "something" they have at the pool sometimes on holidays, where you have run along as far as you can before you fall in the water, and I was watching Jack in the smaller pool, and reading. Jack was bouncing everywhere. So smiley and excited to be swimming and was showing me all the super cool things he could do with his kick board. I nearly cried, tears watering my eyes but not quite spilling over - I had been having such a garbage time with them all and then my little guy being all cute, happy and bouncy melted my heart and I wouldn't trade parenting for anything in the world. I helped make him - how cool is that! 

I am grateful for parenthood. Grateful that it pushes my limits daily. I can have at least a dozen successes and failures in a 24 hours period (I am on call nights as well, especially during this no-nappy night toilet training business.) I have developed so many personal skills being a mother that no other job would provide (at least that is what I said on my resume!). It's hard and it's awesome - and on a good day....I love it. 

Books. How good is escaping in a book? Brilliant.

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