Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pantry Salon.....

As I sit here I have glad wrapped hair and honey and oil dribbling down my neck.

It's a home made hair treatment. My first one.

As much as I try and love myself just the way I was made, I kind of dislike my hair - it's thin (periods of intense stress has just made it thinner), fine and oily by nature. I also colour it quite regularly at home - my one cosmetic vice - so it's dull and dry and I have notice more hair loss than usual! Ugh, I want to cry!...since I am not really schooled in the art of beauty I have never really considered using any kind of treatment on it. Instead I take a trip to the hair dressers every couple of months, when it's driving me nuts and I want to shave my head, and get the ends cut off.

So this morning I was feeling inklings of the 'head shaving' kind and since I can't get to the hair dressers until next week at least, I thought I would google myself a solution.

(The oil and honey is now dripping onto my lap and my hands are sticky from the honey - possibly/probably I put too much in....)

It actually has an egg yoke in it as well, although I made the mistake of warming the oil and honey before the egg yoke went it. Umm not the best idea - cause it didn't stay totally raw.....

No make-up, no photoshop - just me....eek!!

Results: no dramatic change, but it may have done something....

I do have some different hair treatments to try....warm rosemary (essential oil) and olive oil, mayonnaise, natural yoghurt, stop colouring my hair, shave my head (again - strongly considering it! I need to call my husband to talk me down, he might come home to a huge surprise....I can be extreme)....


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