Friday, January 25, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 25

Today I am grateful for.....

Combat. Even after a late night, and a middle of the night bedding change (Jack, not me) I still wouldn't miss getting up a 5am for combat. In that 45min class, I feel strong, powerful and confident. Not just physically strong, but emotionally and spiritually as well (it sounds weird I know - but true nonetheless). My foes are beatable, my weaknesses can be overcome.

(I have probably blogged about this before...)

Regular boxing/kick boxing/other martial arts (as awesome as they would be) just wouldn't be the same. The music makes it for me. Smashing it out, increasing intensity with each musical build up - there is nothing like it! Honestly, I feel euphoric - and just a little emotional. I am sure it is quite hilarious for the instructors (I am, hopefully, not the only one - since the early morning class is always packed out) to see a group of females, smiling, as they beat the crap out of an invisible opponent. I don't usually imagine a person, any more - there have been moments - I would like to think that I have far less pent up anger than 'past Natasha' had.  My target is usually a disempowering feeling or situation.....I love Combat.

Our early Australia Day morning tea, and the chance to get to know my neighbour more.  I made scones, she brought lamingtons, and the kids chatted non-stop. Show-and-telling all their toys and favourite DVD's. We finished with some craft - paper chain snakes. Definitely remembering that one for another day - paper strips, sticky  tape and a felt pen = at least a hour of peace.

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