Wednesday, January 30, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: day 29

Yesterday I was thankful (just to change it up a bit) for....

A sunny day. After days of heavy rain and a laundry full of soggy towels and dirty clothes, I was grateful for some sun to be able to do some loads of washing.

Now I just have to fold them all - worst job ever!

I like to ask Michael to do it. According to me, the washing job is complete as soon as you take it off the line - or after a load of washing gets put on, depending on the day. Yeah, I am pretty rubbish at getting it straight out onto the line too!

The kids going back to school. I kind of feel like a horrible mum for saying that. Although I loved (periods of) them being home for the holidays, they were getting just a little too much. They were bored and starting to fight and bicker a lot. Frankly, I think they were over it too. This morning Ash said he was pretty excited to get into learning new things, and Jack was so happy to be back with his BFF, Zoran. Amelie was just super excited that they didn't start learning on the first day, but instead did fun things and got organised for the new year. She loves organising - when she is in the mood that is.

To be able to exercise later in the morning. It's nice to have the option of sleeping just a little later and going to the gym after I drop the kids of at school.

To have power. So many people in the area still have no power from the storm, and it has been a couple of days now. We were incredibly blessed to have not lost any at all. My heart goes out to them, it would be a huge challenge....and one a admit I would deal very badly with. I am super cranky just trying to deal with the kids in the heat!

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