Friday, October 22, 2010

Swingtimate 2010 Is Here....Finally!

What is Swingtimate you ask??

A weekend of workshops, dance parties and demonstrations hosted Raw Connection West Coast Swing, but the invitation goes out to all interstate dancers as well...For Swingtimate the workshops are being taken by the awesome Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake....Check them out....

PS Kyle is a couple of inches taller than me (with dance shoes on) and Sarah is tiny!! 

This time I wasn't going to miss out on an opportunity to learn from such fantastic dancers, so Michael and I booked in for a private lesson with Kyle last night - I was soooo nervous! But it was excellent - We have only been dancing this style about 10 months so as a couple we needed a lot of work. Kyle was awesome though, he worked on some basics that would really improve our dancing, more specifically our lead and follow....Michael and I are competing as a couple this time in the Strictly Swing comp (last time I competed in the Jack and Jill aka dance with a stranger)....should be fun dancing with someone I am so familiar with.

So much to think about and the weekend hasn't even started yet!!....By Sunday afternoon I will be a sore footed drooling vegetable....yay!!!

Today I have been packing (staying down at Michael's for the weekend) and making myself all pretty (painted toe nails, a touch of fake tan on my glowing legs, waxed eye brows etc - the things we do! haha) , and of course a bunch of cleaning so I can leave with the kids clothes all put away and their rooms tidy....

Can you tell I am excited!?!? haha....I can't wait to learn and to dance with so many different people! Love it!! To think that a year and a half ago I didn't know that this style of dance even existed!

Wrecked but super stoked when I got home last night
 - It begins...
You know I will update on all the awesomeness when I get back! :)

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