Thursday, October 28, 2010

Achy Breaky Hearts....

Hurting people you love sucks big time....I swear there isn't many worse feelings than that.

I just broke up with the most amazing man I have ever been with - if you asked me why, right now, I couldn't give you a logical reason....because everything hurts. But I do have my reasons, and for me to be my best self at the moment, I don't see any other way....Oh, how I wish it could be different!

I just wanted to put it out there how instrumental and valuable his presence has been in my life over the last year and a bit - it all hasn't been for nothing - far from it! He showed me how I should be loved, and the selfless consideration and generosity associated with that. He showed me stability, and the possibility of complete emotional security and confidence within a relationship - I had never had that. He treated me with respect and kindness and would do almost anything to make me happy....the amount of kms his has clocked for me has been phenomenal! He taught me how to dance, that was a massive can of worms, I hope he was prepared for that! :) He showed care for my angry/sad ex-husband and made it possible for the kids to see him. He has been wonderful with the kids, and they love him also. He gave me someone to cook for, and it has been my pleasure to serve him!....

He has been an amazing friend to me, and I am sorry he got me at a time in my life that was/is so full of confusion, but I am forever grateful to him for sticking by me through those hard moments when I truly didn't deserve his care - I have never felt so special and 'worth it' to someone else - that I could actually be loved, and deserved to be, faults and all.

I hope he knows that I appreciate him, and that hopefully when the hurt subsides we can find a way to stay friends - I truly want that more than anything....and can we still dance together!?!

You will always rock my world and I promise I won't go chasing 'douche bags'!! xx

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  1. gah! well I hope it was all for the best. Lessons abound around us sometimes. Though I assume we often dont want to learn. You rock and that was a very (sweet?) thoughtful breakup. Good vibes/Thoughts going out to you xx hope you feel better about it soon.