Friday, October 15, 2010

Mind, Body, Soul.....But Today, Mostly Body...

 I always have so many things I want to share but I don't seem to regularly find the time that it takes for me to compile my thoughts enough to coherently get them out in those moments of inspiration....but today seems to be the day. Friday, that is - uni is done for the week so I don't feel the pressing need to do anything in particular (except clean, but that will get done...), a good day for blogging.....yay.

Over the last 6 weeks or so I have began to clean up our family's eating. It all began with reading this book - but the more I thought about it, the more important the concept became to me. I have mentioned this a few times before, mum is studying to be a herbalist...but more specifically, she has come to understand the vital connection our bodies have to our minds and our spirit, and wants her eventual practice to involve treatment of all these aspect of ourselves as a whole.

I got to thinking about this on a more spiritual level. Quite a few of us are aware of the idea that our spirit (or soul, whatever you want to call it) on its own has a comprehension and power that far outreaches our current physical understanding. We are bound by the capabilities of our bodies - aside from simple mobility, our mind effect our moods and emotions, our ability to learn, and to retain and process information - they truly are the most complex machines! Even in our bodies most optimal condition it would present a handicap to the understanding and power of our inner selves. Life, I believe, is challenging enough without the additional limitations of an under functioning body.

Most of us would not let our car go without the occasional service or fixing parts that are not working, because frankly we understand that without it our our freedom is limited. However, for some reason our bodies continue to function (not very well mind you) even with constant abuse and lack of this why it so easy for us to disregard the correct upkeep and fuel for this magnificent machine? (Don't worry I am totally including myself in this!)...I don't know, but for me life IS hard enough - so that is way I decided to make the change.

The foods we have access to now are a far cry from what was eaten 50 years ago. Our foods are pumped full of chemicals, preservatives, toxic fats and sugar - seemingly with little regard for their effects on our bodies. Yeah, perhaps it won't kill us (instantly), or have any major or obvious effects (mostly....well, aside from obesity, and the sharp increase in the early onset of diabetes!)  - so I wonder what are all these additives really doing to us and our children? I don't for a second suppose that the majority of food manufacturing (hmmm...isn't there a problem when food has to be manufactured???) companies have my health interest first on their list.

But anyway....

I am going clean. The definition of that being as natural and fresh as possible, with very limited sugar and plenty of wholegrains - if I had more cash I would probably go organic too (though I aim to start a vegetable garden at our new place). I am getting used to having no sugar in my  nightly Caro and on my breakfast, and there are quite a few recipes out there for desserts that aren't loaded with sugar - oh how I love the internet! (but that is another post...) White bread and white pasta and rice haven't been seen in this house for awhile and I like it! I am actually not quite sure what to do with the left over white pasta and rice, because I just don't want to eat it....haha So far its been great - not too hard....I don't want to be a freak about it though, because I don't want it to feel like a 'diet' and that I am not 'allowed' to have certain foods - occasionally I do,  but mostly I just don't want to....on the plus side, my skin is looking good!!

Something to think about maybe....? :)


  1. sigh* I love healthy food when other people prepare it. We have eaten vegetarian three times this week thanks to my part in a rocklea wholesale market run.... but I just ate nearly a whole packet of pods today.... so now I feel bad :)

    on the plus side I made the savoury oatmeal from that clean cooking website you linked to on facebook.. it was delish!!

  2. Make musical shakers for the kids and a stress ball with a balloon for you out of the rice, and colour the pasta and let the kids use it for craft........ Oh how I try to be good.... one day I will get there, it is a long process- just how the big food companies want it to be! We have started a vegie garden, far from enough not to have to supplement, but I love it.... would love to have chickens. You should try a green smoothie to start your day, a friend put me on to them. Go you!!