Thursday, October 21, 2010

Planning and Count Down Begins....

Two and half (ish) more months until the big move....!!

So its too early to find a house, but my uni transfer is in - I will find out early December if I have been approved - fingers crossed because everything pretty much depends on that....

I am getting available houses sent to me daily from so I know what my options are when the time comes.

My brain is going crazy, I have things popping into my head all the time that I need to organise or find so that the move and settling in goes as smoothly as possible like...

find a school and daycare
find a farmers market
see what church ward we will be in  (there are a few in the area I think)
list my house requirements so I  know exactly what I am looking for (ie YARD for the kids to play in)
resume cataloging furniture and household "stuff" that I do have and what I am missing (starting from scratch is mind blowing!)
step up my savings - spend nothing outside direct needs (uh...Christmas!....luckily I have part of the kids presents already...and I definitely don't need anything!!)

I don't want to spend this time being stressed or anxious or anything - this our adventure! After more than two and a half years we will finally be on our own!

How Exciting!!


  1. which area? gold coast still?? give me details.. and need any help??

  2. All the best! have fun with it- it is an exciting adventure for all of you!

  3. I'm so excited for you guys!!! 2.5 years is a long time, but worth the wait :) good luck with it ALL (that list is starting to look huge) - you're going to have a blast!