Monday, October 25, 2010

My Weekend - In All Its Awsomeness....Holy Swingtimate!!

Michael and I with Kyle and Sarah - they are super cool :)
Kyle totally reminds me of Jason Segel  (How I Met Your Mother,
Forgetting Sarah Marshall) He is a crack up!!
Their teaching chemistry is awesome!

 I hate to say it, but my weekend started on a bit off a downer :( On the first night of dancing I was super depressed and ready to leave....uh not good! I reckon it may have been a combination of having a private lesson the night before and realising how much I had to work on, and being around so many fantastic dancers (seriously, the standard is high!). I felt like a little fish in a massive pond and that I sucked....badly...*sigh* But after moping around for about an hour (not cool)...I managed to get my groove back and have a good night. I think that was mostly due to watching Kyle and Sarah's lead and follow performance, which was absolutely mind blowing by the way! (Sarah is tiny, but man that girl can move!)....The highlight of that night for me was dancing with Brady Stanton - he came up from Adelaide to run some workshops with us (I love his crazy smooth footwork!) back in March when I hadn't been dancing for long.....and basically I danced with him and completely crashed and burned (it was horrific!), I couldn't follow him for anything...But Friday night, we had an excellent dance, and I totally redeemed myself (believe me I had been dance fantasising about this moment for 6 months!! - ummm that's not creepy at all!)...hehe....yay!!

All the workshops were brilliant, (the Sunday ones were my favourite!) I loved the theory, the technique drills/warm ups and the patterns....ahhh the patterns, they were so incredibly funky! The last workshop was "BYOS (Bring Your Own Style)" which was awesome, and the main thing that I love about west coast - you can totally blend it with whatever style you rock - a few of my favourite dances were with a guy who came from a rock and roll dance background - his footwork was so cool!!  This is where I am coming from.....

I LOVE Kenny Wormald!...and no, I am not that good :) - but that is the kind of style I bring, and I love that I can incorporate my own personal groove into WCS. 

My brain was extremely full by the end of Sunday and I may have snapped a little at Michael when he insinuated I was the reason he couldn't get the hand position right....oops...:) (love you!) that time I don't think I could hold anymore info, a swift kickbox to the head was on the cards for anyone that tried to give me advice at that point...hehe....

And the best part....

The Saturday night dance party was off tha hook!!! It went until 2am, but I swear I could have gone all night...and for the record, it has been a few years since I have been able to say that! :) The comp was fun, and a little nerve wracking - Michael was freaking out a little before hand - he thought he had lost his dancing mojo and couldn't remember his repertoire of moves :)....but he was excellent! We didn't place, but its all good, it was our first comp together and I loved being able to dance with someone I knew and felt comfortable to play around with. The music was wow! favourite song of the night was "Spiritual Thang" by Eric Benet....

Sunday morning - not much sleep, but I was still on a high
Glasses are HOT! ;)
 Sorry for all the gushing!!! But it really was an amazing weekend...I still don't feel like I can fully express how this dancing makes me feel, I get really emotional about it - I love the unity of an event like this, everyone sharing their passion and own style. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to learn from some of the best dancers in the world and to be able to express myself through dancing.

Anyways...bla bla bla....check this out....

I was always wondering what all this Flash Mob business was about, but now I know - I love it!!  This same west coast routine is being taught all over the world, I saw this Sunday morning, after talking to Brady about it the night before, and got all choked up - I seriously don't know why but I love this kind of thing - its probably that its people of every age and every background coming together in one dance style for an awesome, unified moment.....Brisbane flash mob - I'm in!!

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