Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chocolate Birthday Cake - Review

 As you can see I am not the queen of icing cakes....but I like the rustic look, so its all good. :)

I remade the cake again last night because the icing was a little runny the first time.....It was SOOOO GOOD!! 
The cake is moist but not overly rich (just how I like it).....Two thing to note, 1) I would make sure the chocolate used in the icing is 70% cocoa....anything less makes the icing a little too sweet....and 2) I had left over icing both times - Nigella is an icing fiend!

This will definitely be added to my small, but awesome, repertoire of desserts, being - the best ever brownies, pavlova, and cheescake I have ever tasted - don't you doubt it! ;)

 Two sticky chocolate thumbs up! Enjoy.

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