Friday, March 1, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 59

Yesterday I was grateful for.....

A crazy awesome workout. I am totally thankful to my girl, Faith, and her crushing weekly workouts. 25mins hard out has me sore in all the right places for a couple of days.

 "You can go hard, or you can go home...."

Beef Stroganoff. It's been awhile since I have made it.

Don't know why though, because it is so so good! 

I like to make mine simply with beef (blade steak bashed with a rolling pin), onion and mushrooms, stock, plain flour, s&p and plain yoghurt - but I discovered yesterday that adding worcestershire sauce adds a super tasty dimension and great colour. Oh yeah - and served with  large shell pasta.

Am I the only that growls at anyone that would dare tip the left over gravy down the sink? Baby, I am having that ish for lunch over pasta!......mmmm

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