Thursday, March 7, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 65

Yesterday I was thankful for....

The coffee shop right outside my lecture theatre. I was exhausted all day, not really sure why. As I was falling asleep doing the readings for my lecture in morning I knew it was going to be bad....Argh! Lectures are bad at the best of times! It is just not my method of learning - I cannot be spoken at for 2 hours and not feel drowsy. How is that going to stimulate my mind!?

Anyway, I was clock watching, pinching myself and trying not to close my eyes for too long, counting the minutes until the halfway break. I was thankfully saved by a decaf skinny mocha, or maybe it was just the act of getting up and walking around.

That was the day I wish I drank coffee....though from experience I am pretty sure caffeine doesn't do anything for me.

Trying not to fall asleep at inappropriate moments is torture! 
(One of my most embarrassing falling asleep moments was an out of office training on a new accounting system 12 years ago. There was only three of us, and this chick was talking on and on....and I was falling asleep, my head lolling everywhere. It was so humiliating!!)

Do you think that means I would be really easy to hypnotise? hmmm

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