Saturday, March 2, 2013

365 Days Of Gratitude: Day 60

Yesterday I was grateful for....

A movie date with my husband. He had an RDO,  and I inadvertently wagged my first Public Law lecture....honestly, read my timetable wrong - thought my tute was my lecture.

We lunched on Subway and watched 'I Give It A Year'....*sigh* it was crap. I was so disappointed because I did want something light and funny, and I love British movies - but this one, don't bother. I am usually so particular with the movies I watch - storyline, content etc. I was waaay wrong with this one.

Still, it was awesome just having a day with Super Stud.

Psych Night!!! Oh yeah! We have been waiting for a year and half for the return of our favourite show.

We all were so excited. I made pizzas and we ate in front of the was such a good episode! Now that it is back on, we get to have Psych Night every Friday night. Yay!!

Midnight ice cream treat. Before Michael left for dancing I asked him to bring me an ice cream home with him. I didn't have high expectations, and plus I am always asleep anyway at 1.30-2am! 

But he did.

I had a midnight Maxibon snack....awesome. 

He also relayed a back and forth he had with the 7-11 guy: 

Super Stud: I have to bring my wife home an ice cream or I am in trouble...but in the morning she will be disappointed and complaining about her butt.

7-11 Guy: Yeah, my wife would complain about her butt too. 

Super Stud: But I like her butt the way it is. 

7-11 Guy: Well, if she lost her butt she wouldn't have any boobs, and I like her with boobs.

Super Stud: Yeah, I like my wife with boobs too.

Good to know.

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