Saturday, January 29, 2011

So Here's The Thing....

Ever since I have educated myself more about "food" - I have become increasingly paranoid. I am not wasteful, so I have been using the pantry items Michael brought over from his place....and last night I made the kids one of those packet side dish things - macaroni cheese (I added bacon & they had had veggies for afternoon tea). It was hard, I was almost going to throw it out! But then I felt ungrateful and that I was being a food snob. So I cringed and fed it to them - and promised next time I would make my own super tasty  version with wholemeal pasta and flour....and real cheese! 

Today I am baking biscuits to fill my "cookie" jar (one of my awesome op shop items - post to come!) and I have spent ages on the internet looking for healthy recipes, but I am lacking ingredients as my pantry is not fully stocked yet....

ANYWAY....I baked jam drops using Michael's white flour, and then couldn't handle it and added a quarter of a cup of flaxseed meal (linseed meal).

Do I have a problem??

I still want my kids to enjoy snacky treats and not feel deprived, I would just prefer for them to have healthy options most of the time....

I also read an article posted on a friends facebook page, "Motherhood Matter: Happy and Fat"  from - read it, tell me what you think!

I love good food (no really I love to eat, just ask Michael!), and I love being fit and strong and looking good in my clothes - so I am trying to find a balance - Can I have a great body and be a happy mummy?

So add this to my resolution list for the year, 'Compile 50 super tasty and incredibly healthy recipes'.

PS. My biscuits were a hit!


  1. I think if you make good choices most of the time and stay balanced, you will raise healthy balanced kids. If they grow up seeing you obsess about food (especially your daughter) they are more like to obsess about food. If they lead a healthy lifestyle with lots of fresh air and exercise, a treat now and then will do them no harm at all. Weetbix for breakfast, lots of fruit and wholegrain bread, yoghurt and cheese during the day, and healthy meals packed with vegies MOST nights and you can't go wrong. Worrying about a packet mac and cheese..... a waste of energy.
    Why don't you add a section on here for readers to contribute healthy, kid friendly recipes?... I am sure we all have some to share, and better still, I am sure we would all love to get some more from others!!
    PS Loved the link article and totally agree that I am happier now than when I was watching all my calories and obsessing... even if I was 5 kilos lighter...

  2. Its also about self care. As mothers we need to look after ourselves as well, and that includes eating well and exercising not just to weigh less or be thinner but to be healthy and happy. Its hard to be happy if we are not providing the right nutrients for our bodies or addressing emotional health. We will send good messages to our sons and our daughters when we respect ourselves and our own bodies. Obsessing is not healthy. Inform yourself by all means but make decisions on how you will live your life based on what you can reasonably do, where you are now. Lisa (Mum)

  3. I really like the article, and I'm sure that happy mothers are better role models than mothers with an unhealthy obsession about food.
    I know I was hurt by my mothers body image stresses, and spent time with a really unrealistic perception of my own body, believing i was fat, when i wasn't. One of my sisters controls her feelings of being unable to control stressors, by being overly controlled about her diet. I don't control what I eat enough (and now AM as fat as I thought I was as a teen). Neither my sister nor myself have got it right.

    With my daughters (and my son) I try to focus on being healthy and strong. I never say "does my bum look big in this", I swim dance run and play without regard to how others might judge me because of my weight.
    The thing is, I know I need to think about food more, and dietary changes should help with other issues we face in my home. I need to lose 30kg, and I really don't know how to focus on it without being a bad example :( I guess if I make the focus my health, not the numbers, that is the best I can do.

    having said that, linseed meal rocks, and would be an awesome addition to biscuits. I add LSA to biscuits, and crumble topping and all sorts of other stuff.

    I think Lisa has it right, we are the best example when we make informed decisions based on what is reasonable for our current circumstances.

    I also think you are doing a great job! You inspire me! You run and dance, and your kids see you enjoying your body. The fact that you are asking the question means you are mindful and aware. Don't stress, enjoy the journey!