Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sooooo.....The Bells Are Ringing.....

Wedding bells that is....:)

Yes, he popped the question....on Christmas day....It was hidden inside a Christmas card box, with a card on top so I didn't know what was inside ( Jack found my gift stash the day before and unwrapped quite a few, including that one!). I was under the impression I wasn't getting much because I had already got a present from him - although I have to admit I was secretly hoping it was a ring, all the while thinking that it wasn't....I sat staring at the box, alone at 6am on Christmas morning, overwhelmed by the knowledge that I wanted to marry this man more than anything!

For me this was a big deal.....

I had been struggling with a fear of marriage for the last six months or so....we had looked at rings a while ago, and I totally freaked out. It had nothing to do with how much I loved Michael or even the 'tiny' *wink* age was more of the fact that I no longer had an ideal view of marriage and I had a million 'what ifs' going through my head - What if we fight and he doesn't talk to me for days? (even though from experience he never does that...) What if our values change? What if he can't handle the kids? What if he can't handle me?....What if it doesn't work out....? I know some fears are irrational, and some are real....and part of the journey involves taking a leap of hear I go.....;)

It's only been a couple of days and the plans are coming along super smoothly....the date is set for the 26th of February, a week before the dance cruise Micheal had booked for us ages ago - figured it would be pretty cool for it to be our honeymoon! My outfit/accessories/shoes are safely in the cupboard.....I feel so blessed/lucky to find everything so easily!! You are permitted to a sneak peak of my gorgeous shoes....

I got my dress/accessories from Kitten D'Amour one of my favourite stores which I have never been able to buy anything from before....Its Perfect!

The cake is in the works, the location is tentatively sorted......I am trying to keep it low key, and very reasonably priced, so far so good!!

I am kind of excited....did you notice? :) 


  1. Congratulations!!
    Wishing you all so much love and happiness,

  2. wow... this is all so great. Love how everything falls into place. - Bobbie

  3. Best wishes for a wonderful marriage!