Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutioning....

I never specifically plan to make resolutions in the new year, but they just seem to happen.....fresh starts are so enticing and exciting!

I feel very blessed to have a lot of "new beginnings" in the next couple of months - new house, getting married, new university, new gym, going to back to work - change is definitely as good as a holiday! It was thinking about all these changes, and what wonderful opportunities they were (and an awesome Relief Society lesson - love my new ward!) that sparked my list of goals for the year.

This year I will have two focuses to center my goals around "Balance" and "Action" and this talk on "Keeping Lifes Demands In Balance" by M. Russell Ballard has been my inspiration - read it HERE - its awesome, I promise!

My 2011 goals:

1. Be prepared
2. Be early
3. Attend the temple
4. Nurture my families spirituality
5. Eat clean
6. Train and run a half marathon
7. Follow the "5 Laws of Gold" (in "The Richest Man In Babylon" - you HAVE to read this book! The simplest and best financial advice for getting out of debt and accumulating wealth....and so easy to read!)
9. Start a vegetable garden/food storage
10. Get a part time job in accounting 
11. Do well in my studies
12. Less Facebook....more more MORE blogging!

Looking forward to all the challenges, growth and success of the new year!!!

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  1. ooo we love richest man in babylon :) Its been a while since I read it though. good luck achieving all those things. You deserve it.