Friday, February 25, 2011

Only Two More Days.....

 And I am totally FREAKING OUT!!!....

Not in a “I don’t want to get married" kind of a way.....More of a total mental shut down – I just don’t want to do anymore wedding preparation.
The house is a mess, I can’t focus, I am craving junk food and just want to sit on my butt and watch episodes of “How I Met Your Mother”. I am so over looking at rings, over my dress, my shoes, my make up, my hair, the flowers, discussing food....the screaming kids....soooo over that. It’s hard enough getting a wedding together, but doing it with three children is absolutely mental.

I am honestly losing my mind....

But....somewhere in there, I am crazy excited – if someone could do it for me, and I can just think happy thoughts of marrying my super awesome man, I would be cool with that. I totally get why people elope!!...*sigh* the kids are still screaming.......

The reality is, I need to get the songs for the DJ, pack the kids up for two days, fold washing, wash up, colour my hair, pack MY clothes, tidy the boys room....If I just get going I know it will be cool – I am overwhelmed and its freezing me up...not to mention tired from all the dance practice and late night...

PS our dance is going to be awesome though.....

 Only two more days!! YAY!!


  1. Go for a run to clear your head?
    Or go for a massage just to get some mental space from the situation.
    Best wishes for a really special day!

  2. woohoo it'll be all over soon. the rest of your life is the marriage. Not the wedding day :)
    Best of luck xx