Monday, November 29, 2010

My Advent.....

I was looking for activities I could do with the children leading up to Christmas, and Michael put me onto this advent book....apparently its a story within a story and I can read a chapter to the kids each night.

Now I just have two days to hunt it down!!! I should be able to get the soft cover book (above), but I ideally want the hard cover one which is harder to get....IF I can get it from the library I will try and order the hard cover one....

We/I haven't in the past done many Christmas-y things with the kids, the only traditions we have are watching the church movie "Joy to the World" and driving around looking at the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve....but I want something a little more prolonged. I want the children to understand the spiritual side of Christmas and to completely immerse them in the joy of the season - which I have never really done myself.

So this year I am attempting a simple envelope advent calendar with a scripture, family activity and treat inside. A daunting mission for me, but I going on the premise that "something is better than nothing" so I hope the kids love it! I also want to thrash Christmas carols (yeah baby...) -  my family don't like them, the kids dad doesn't like them - but I do, dang it, and we will SING this holiday season!! :)

This year is my preparation for next year when we will have Christmas on our own - and I want that to be an amazing experience for all of us, so I am starting now.

Wish me luck!! Cause believe me, I will need it!! :) :)

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  1. Comment left by "This Girl Loves To Talk" that for some reason didn't post...:

    oh good luck!

    Maybe I've heard of that book or a similar one that has 24 days of stories.. I want one too!

    YOu can do it. I felt as a kid or teen that christmas day was kinda a let down. Kinda anti climatic. I often tell my kids that christmas is about the whole month of december. We have many traditions that we do that they love. Reading a christmas book everynight in december is one of them. I wrap them in newspaper and they take turns 'opening' them.

    You can do it. Lets make a material pocket advent together sometime!!