Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Advent!!!

The calendar is done dude!! 

Mind you, my shoulders ache, I am exhausted and there is glitter everywhere.....I freely admit I am getting lots excited! This years effort is a simple one, but I think the kids will love it - especially just knowing we will be doing a family activity every single day leading up to Christmas...(Ash is going to be stoked, he is always telling me I don't hang out with him enough.) I am just a little bit happy with myself for coming up with 20 different activities (repeating learning a carol, and watching Christmas movies). It does help that school and day care have Christmas concerts and parties we can go to together! :)

Found out today my university transfer has been accepted. Things are about to get crazy - I can feel it! Will start school investigation-ing this week. It is all happening early than I expected - which gives me a little more time to get the "big things" sorted....I feel rather blessed!!

Bring on the Season.

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