Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Am In Love.....

....with my Birthday Dress!!!

But I changed my mind.

I didn't feel like this....

Fit well enough, and looked good enough to justify the $$....

(It still looked great mind you!)

So I got this instead....

(after much running around and some awesome help from Mum and M - due to no license and forgetting the belt when I returned above dress!)

Which looks a little like this...

Super excited - but not going to wear it until my birthday! :)

Rock n Roll Petticoats Mr Anon is referring too - would love one!!!


  1. Woo hoo very nice - I did like the other one too. I guess one of those tiered petty coats would look good under this one. :)

  2. ooooo that one is nice too!! tis all good.. you look hot.. love those shoes... I need to get some new high heels....

  3. I love the shoes too - but to stand in for like 5 mins, then my right foot goes :(

  4. Beautiful love it bet you look Fantastic.

  5. Beautiful!
    My 2 year old has a pettiskirt... jealous, Much!

  6. ps, my word verification was "Latin" and I wanted to write, 'no, West Coast Swing!', but i don't think the verification system would get it!