Friday, June 4, 2010

Sex Sells.....And Its Selling Cheap.....

This is a subject I have been increasingly concerned about for years. The constant over-sexualisation of  - I want to say woman but really its everything and it's only getting worse. I worry that I have a daughter that is already emulating "sexiness" at five years old because that is all she sees....And no its not just on television, its in billboards on the road and advertising in shops  - as a parent you cannot get away from it, and frankly I am not a happy mum. I have wanted to blog about it for a while but its wasn't until I heard Christina Aguilera's "lovely" new song on the radio that I just have to say something. What the hell is wrong with people!! I am not just be a paranoid mum - As a woman I don't like it either. 

I distinctly remember listening to a Destiny's Child song "Nasty Girl" maybe 8 years ago? (about women walking around half naked flaunting themselves) and being grateful for female music artists with some morals and self respect  - and then watching as they evolved and gradually got more and more sexed up in each video.....check out this very appropriate clip. ....really, its very poignant.

This is Destiny's Child's song "Nasty Girl" with a compilation of video footage they made AFTERWARDS. Funny and hypocritical.

Its not just the visual either, as an avid music head and r'n'b freak I am coming across it all the time. I love you voice and your funky beats guys, but can I please not hear detailed descriptions of you sexual conquests, or what you want to be doing to a certain young lady when you take her home??...And girls, seriously, put some clothes on!! You can't put it out like that and then pretend you are  all strong  and independent because you are only being a tease and are not actually willing to give it up.....then worse still, detailed descriptions of your sexual exploits!

Forgive me for getting on my soap box - I am the first to admit that I find it confusing too. How can we as woman maintain physical self respect without being extreme, and completely denying our sexuality? (because I think there is problems with that as well).....I don't know myself but there are woman out there doing it....thank goodness for the likes of India Arie and Alicia Keys etc....strong, sexy woman, who know how do it while keeping all their clothes on. 


  1. It is disgusting. Like not even sexy just sad. Even Tinkerbelle and the Disney Princesses out fits are too raunchy.
    I like old musicals like "high society" "the king and I" and "sound of music" because it's fun for the girls to watch and everyone has their clothes on.
    Is there room enough for two on that soap box?

  2. oh you are so really is heartbreaking and distressing to see what the world has come to...I was at a shopping centre the other day and I had a silly though- I wondered what someone who died 50 years ago would think if they were magically transported to todays world to wear the clothes most people are wearing today, to watch the tv shows most peaople are wearing, to read the trashy magazines of today...
    its disgusting and I wish there was something taht could be done...unfortunately I think its too late.

  3. there are many articles about this, I have seen some reasearch into this. I totally agree. Even people who arent church members worry about it, but feel there is 'nothing you can do about it'

    I had to laugh at Hollys comment on tinkerbelle as I thought the same. I have spoken to my girls about this cause as a 'tinker' she is wearing highly inappropriate clothes for when she is bending over or fixing things.. too funny.

    I also hate that it is nearly impossible to get modest clothes cheaply here in australia. I have been looking at a few websites with modest dresses (from america) and I think.. why cant shops here seriously add an extra 10 cm of cloth to tops, skirts, dresses etc!! honestly the dresses i have been looking at online look so classy and dressy and much nicer!! gah!