Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Panic Has Set In.....

I only have two days before my first final exam and I am kind of freaking out! This is the one I am most prepared for, Employment Relations - its an essay and some short answer or multi choice (not too sure). BUT - this is also the subject I failed last semester, which put me on probation (because although I only did two subjects, I technically failed 50% of them)....so I am feeling the pressure big time....I have got the brain power, however, the parenting thing is frying it before I get a chance to study!

*breathe*...I am trying to....really....I am sure everything will be ok.

Then I have a full week (minus the weekend - dancing....yay!) to study for the next one....


Wish me luck people!  :)

Please enjoy this "Panic! At The Disco" track - just cause I like 'em.....

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