Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chicken Soup And Kitchen Fantasies....

I don't know what it is about cooking chicken and vegetable soup, but it makes me feel all homey and maternal. Feeling like I just want to take care of everybody.....And for some reason I always find myself house fantasizing as well....weird?? Quite possibly....

Perhaps its because we are so physically displaced at the moment, and my home making instincts are not satisfied....Whatever it is, I visualise the vegetable/herb garden I would love, my dream kitchen - island bench, hanging saucepans, exposed beams, wood floors, raw timber....oh, and a glorious spice rack (that, I have been fantasising about since I was a child!)...I don't want fancy, bring on rustic!

 Something like this *sigh*

 I also love cooking with lots of vegetables and herbs, and thinking about all the nutrients I am fueling our bodies with is rather exciting (not exciting exciting, just exciting)...oops, I am starting to sound like my mother! But really, good food is awesome!

Am I the only ones that gets bizarrely glorious cooking vibes???


  1. your also fantasising because you should be studying!! lol

  2. Love it. I'm the same. Boiling the chicken to make the stock... adding bits all afternoon... basically whenever I cook I feel that way, and yes I love that kitchen, I imagine it in an old homestead, bull-nose verandah wrapped around, cottage garden out the front, kitchen garden out the back, chickens further on.... Ahhhhh.....bliss.

  3. Bobbie - you may have a point there ;)

    Sally - you just described my dream home! One day I will get it....my plan is to get my degree then move to the country - and obviously find a job that fits in with my lifestyle....bliss!