Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Musing....

I have to say that I am starting to love afternoon church.....

I can stay in bed just a little longer (7am if I am really lucky! lol),

I find it easier to stay focused on the Sabbath,

I am far more chilled out and organised......cause I have four hours to get ready! (granted the last hour seems to be crazy no matter what!)

Easier to fast

* * *
I have a calling.....Yay! A very exciting event for me - A) because my last calling was class president in Laurels (11 years ago), due to some super awesome life choices (ps note sarcasm....) and

B)  Its come at just the right time - making it back to church is one thing, but finding the drive to stay there is certainly another. I was fast getting stagnant, not knowing that many people (even though it was the ward I grew up in), not feeling like I had anything to contribute....and generally battling the overwhelming feeling of "now what??"....Kinda makes me feel like my Father in Heaven is looking out for me and thinks I am too valuable to lose again.....or something. :)

I know you are dying to know.....I am now the Secretary in Primary.


  1. That is GREAT news! Just keep in motion lovely. The passion, drive and motivation will come. Having a calling does make you feel purposeful and primary secratary was my fav! I'm YW sec now and enjoy it but it'a a lot more emotional!

  2. that was an awesome post.. good to see someone who like afternoon church. I didnt find it too bad when we had to... lazy mornings are all good