Friday, February 5, 2010

Rest In Peace, Dedushka.....We Will Miss You....

I love this photo - I always thought it made him look like a smooth Russian Mafia guy

Dedushka died last night. He was 89.

I remember him teaching me how to play Chess (which I suck at) and Backgammon.

I remember he liked music and had a range of different instruments over the years...I especially remember his piano accordion and him teaching me how to play "Silent Night", with chords, on his organ.

I loved his beard.

 I loved that he was a thinker and enjoyed reading - something we had in common - and I really enjoyed talking to him about everything and anything. I loved hearing about Russia. It was amusing sometimes, when he would get talking about a particular subject, he would talk for ages and we wouldn't be able to get away...;)

I am glad he is at peace and that he is not suffering from disease and illness anymore.

Dedushka, We Love You and Will Miss You. xxx

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  1. Am sorry for your loss at the passing of your Dedushka. He sounded like an enriching person to be around.